Monday, January 8, 2007

Buzz Monitor: Technorati's "Taggiversary"

The latest Technorati Buzz Monitor is bragging on their Second Taggiversary, the second anniversary of their implementation of tags, buzz words maybe otherwise seen as labels or keywords.. Tags were new to me not all that long ago, middle of last year, when I stumbled upon Technorati and thought, "Hey, another interesting way to network into the mainstream.."

Being about a step and a half behind tech trends of late, it took quite a bit of manipulation before Technorati signalled my success in adapting to tags by presenting the first attempts involving Mountain Splash on my original Technorati profile.. At that time, Yahoo! 360 didn't include a tag-based feature so one could get theirs successfully spidered by following the format offered in Technorati's help files:

<a href="" rel="tag">Your Keyword</a>

Being, um, undeniably OCD about getting hung up on a pattern of how I code, author my material online, I fought the system for a bit trying to additionally add in a "title" attribute to the above code.. Didn't work for whatever reason I will additionally stumble upon eventually.. The Technorati spider(s) skipped right over my menial initial offerings until that little 4-watt light bulb went off overhead, and I decided to type my entries exactly as was shown by example.. Go figure it working then.. :GRIN:

Haven't visited my Yahoo360 profile in a few as it just takes too durn long to download, four to five minutes regular on average.. Too much going on in the disability advocacy arena to play that kind of hurry up and wait game to keep a message going forward.. Maybe one of these days I'll pop in to see how Technorati's claim that tags are now available over there was indeed implemented.. :WINK:

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