Monday, January 8, 2007

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome..

Welcome to the inaugural post for the blog intended to primarily complement the website.. Each post that has already come to mind to leave here feels reminiscent of my near-year's survival as the FavoriteWebsite Guru over at That cyber effort appears to have slowly became defunct over time now, with Google's cache being about the best bet for catching the last silvery rays of the same as they slowly slide into the West..

Hopefully to be found here will be a combination of hairloss-garnered mini-tips interspersed with favorite websites as either comes to mind.. With my drive, passion being primarily focused on Six. Almost Seven.. and Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar, much of what will find its way to here will be predictably fairly "brief" at best.. Nothing is foreseen to ever be earth-shattering in nature.. Leads to favorite resources will, on better than average occasion, hopefully on some level be found to be accommodating to those with cognitive disabilities as it will be that this mind will have had to have made some sense out of them first.. :WINK:

And on that note, off we go.. Happy, Safe Surfing out there.. :GRIN:

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