Sunday, April 1, 2007

Google's TiSP Broadband :: "Going With The Flow"

Now I've officially freaking seen everything..

Ok, so GOTTA be someone's idea of a marketing idea that won't bring the NSA down on its heels.. Or better yet, a disgruntled employee mistakenly given the cyber keys to the server for the weekend.. Can't wait to see this one play out.. :Grrrin:

Special aside to the folks at Google :: You all have missed a golden opportunity in the form of marketing taglines such as "backend support", "backend technology", "backend system", yetc.. ;P

SPOILER AHEAD 7:45pm: What a gull-a-bull.. Went to ping over at Technorati and instead found myself at "ricoTtahen".. Conspiracy theorist that I are, of course the first thought was it was a multi-site crack attack..

Ah, but then..

For some unknown reason..

Today's date flashed in mind.............

Good one, fellas.. Good one.. Where can I sign up for a job like yours..? ;)

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