Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Photobucket finally just bit me :)


Came in here to add a pink flamingo marionette ad (from Amazon) to my sidebar over yonder ~~~~>

That's when I just tripped over this:


A while back, I read something about how half a bazillion images across the entire Internet were suddenly going to go blank. That's not quite true. Instead they look more like that "PLEASE UPDATE YOUR" image just above. If the original image had been larger, you could have read the whole message.

They advise that you need to sign in quick and take care of business. In other words, after all these years, everyone who ever hosted a Photobucket image on a third party site either pays up or takes some other proactive measure to send that "PLEASE UPDATE YOUR" image packing.

They allege you can still access your images even if you don't pay up. I guess I'm about to find out firsthand.

Was just looking at mine the other day. It was a Pegasus horse that I threw in as an afterthought icon a number of years ago. I was thinking Pegasus was part of a collection I have and thus more easily retrievable, but, nope, I'm now remembering that "collection" was 100% butterflies. *go figure!*

Guess I'll adapt one of those and take it from there. Now to find a place where I can host it without the fear of losing it again probably much sooner than later this time. It's not hard to imagine other image hosting websites following in step with Photobucket... which... you know... it's just about business... is all it is right there. :)

No hard feelings, Photobucket. You make a *_CHOICE_*, I make a *_CHOICE_*, you make a *_CHOICE_*, I make a yada-yada.... :)

Now where was I...............? Oh, right... Amazon ad... adorably adorable *PINK!* Flamingo Marionette! Sidebar..... right over there ~~~~>

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