Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Debian: Dear Jupp, Um, User Choice??

So this is a little on how this morning got started out....

apt-get install jupp

jupp is described as.... OH, NO!

update-alternatives: using /usr/bin/jupp to provide /usr/bin/editor (editor) in auto mode

OH, NOOOOOOO... that can't be good!!!!

And it wasn't. It became the attached vent elsewhere on the Net. PS Moral of the Story: Dear Software Developers, PLEASE ask users for their *_CHOICE_* preferences before making significant changes to their... please read that again... THEIR computers. Thanking you advance for YOUR considerations. *wink*

So what had happened went a little like.......

Dear "jupp", I am SO NOT amused with you just this very second. I just found you while full bore ahead trying to post some shtuff to social networking before heading outside for daily chores. You hit my radar k/t an "apt-cache search copy and paste" search. At ~210KB, I figured... #whatTheHeck.

What the heck became... you just hijacked my terminal command line editor. The first clue was last line of install that read, "update-alternatives: using /usr/bin/jupp to provide /usr/bin/editor (editor) in auto mode". To which I immediately responded, "You just so did WHAT?!?!?!?!" Quick test run of "editor x" shows you just so did so, too... You dadgum hijacked the role of default terminal editor on myyyyy computer!

Your description claims: "JOE also emulates several other editors." To which I can only respond.... "You so the freak do NOT, not the default ones I've encountered, anyway." I know this as fact because(y) I just had to drop every single thing I was full speed ahead in the middle of.... JUST to learn how to do the very basic User 101 task of.... exiting the freak out of you.

Next stop: "apt-get remove", but I've got this recent experience based gut feeling that's going to be a #FAIL of its own. Apt's recently had this bug up its backside about removing some files from a little ol' program called.... GRUB. I see a #FAIL of no less than epic proportion waiting to happen if apt gets its way on that one.....

Bottom line, am marking this experience #EpicFAIL when it comes to #Usability and #CognitivelyFriendly. Now where WAS I before I was so RUDELY interrupted... oh, yeah, I was venting about politics somewhere. < /(this) vent > *grin*

UPDATE #1: Tried "apt-get remove" instead of "autoremove". After a few seconds of choking on it, apt claimed:

"update-alternatives: using /bin/nano to provide /usr/bin/editor (editor) in auto mode".

One quick (successful) run of "editor x" later, may I just say... PHEW!

UPDATE #2: As it turns out, "clipboard manager" is likely the best keyword combo to use for a search on what I was originally seeking.

UPDATE #3: I THINK I escaped out of "jupp" using "^K X". That came about as a Hail, Mary, play because I had seen some other internal command that contained "^K", *NOT* because I found that command within the associated "man jupp" destructional how-to.

Happy Safe Surfing out there!

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