Thursday, June 5, 2014

Linux hibernation (suspend-to-disk) FAIL and Swap partitioning

Off and distracted by another something shiny today... new old refurbished hard drive. Decided I want to put two completely different Linux operating systems on this new hard drive. It's more technically known as "dual booting". Wasn't even sure it was possible, that maybe I misunderstood recent listserv conversations I lurked, but nope, apparently is possible sooo.... here I goooo...

In the process of just verifying I understand it's a can-do before actually attempting a dual boot setup, I FINALLY encountered someone saying something extended about WHY you want to create yadda-yadda amount of swap space. Over the years, I've guessed the swap partition was about things temporarily "swapping" out in that space as you move around in your software. Bingo.. The Community Help section covers it in the Why do I need swap? part of their SwapFAQ.

Just throwing this out there quick before attempting that dual install. Reason was that "please help" requests occur occasionally about hibernation not working on Debian setups. I don't know if inadequate swap space has ever been posed as a potential source of the problem but it'll be my "Have you checked this yet?" kneejerk answer from now on... unless someone else plugs it first. *grin*

Happy Safe Surfing out there!

PS Ah, cr4p, forgot to say... recommended dosage FOR swap is approximate double your ram memory size. One guy (over at Super User) suggested adding an additional +1 for good measure. Cool. Having never seen an explanation about swap, mine have always been been a nice round 10gb on 1gb systems over the years, just because(y). Guess that makes it more like... quadruple, no, make that 8-druple plus an extra gigabyte for each quadruple (times 2) overkill...... Schmokin'!

PPS Just read this.. FCC website apparently went down for the count due to net neutrality troll comments inspired by a comedian named John Oliver. k/t goes to Slashdot for the lead.

PPPS How many gazillions has dotGov reportedly spent on web development and yet their major websites still can't handle a little extra Internet traffic on demand?

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