Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TODAY ONLY (5/13) Tiger Direct Free 8gb Class 4 SDHC

This is a hit and run so it gets out there in a timely manner.. This deals ends midnight Eastern time TONIGHT (May 13, 2014.05.13). You buy 1 or 2 of these Centon 8gb Class 4 SDHC flash memory cards. $9.99 a piece is what I'm seeing on this end. For starters, you get free shipping. If you qualify after that, you get 100% full rebate. SUCH A DEAL!

Fair warning, I'm NOT doing it BECAUSE.... you have to have access to a printer. Then again I might still do it. Just have to decide how much trouble it will be to go through with it.

You'll find all the fine print like that right there in the middle of the top part of the ad. There's a "Terms" link that takes you to a downloadable PDF file. Yep, that's already going to cause some people trouble BUT if you can get that far, it then fills you in on the rebate's details. Example question would be WHERE do they do and do not ship, meaning internationally in particular. Each of us as individuals will have to check with Tiger Direct's website to see if this rebate is worth pursuing.

Tiger Direct is a name that has been around a LONG time. While I was over there, I noticed their site bears a Google seal of approval. That can't hurt in the trust department.. :)

k/t for the lead goes to photography website Petapixel who heard it from SlickDeals.

Happy Safe Surfing out there.. :)

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