Thursday, April 3, 2014

Debian :: Searching for potential packages

My next great tech adventure is in full swing right now. Am creating videos using the OpenShot Video Editor. Tried this software and Avidemux before but it was a horrific fail, cognitively as well as regarding the obsolete array of dis-hardware I eternally have on hand k/t to being low income.

So... this is the newest New Year and I actually have a workable setup going. k/t there goes to... a kindly silent angel investor. *waving*

Right now while I'm waiting for *bleeped* dialup to load two pages simultaneously (oh, the horror), thought I'd real quick write one handy tip garnered recently from the Debian-User listserv. And that handy tip izzz:

  • Open your favorite terminal. One that came with my setup is GNOME Terminal (Debian package gnome-terminal)
  • Type in apt-cache search [package name] (worked here without being root, yay)

As example for the missing software I encountered today, [package name] is replaced with "libavformat". And there was actually a hit that has potential > "libavformat-extra-53". We'll see if that will do it (but it'll be a few or three hours k/t dialup). *grin*

Happy Safe Surfing out there.. :)

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